Football Is Over, Now What?

By February 5, 2018 Personal Insurance

If you’re a football widow like me, you will understand these last endless weeks of watching grown men play monkey in the middle have left you crazy. Guess what? We wives get to find our partners for one week, if we are lucky, before being lost and forgotten to the racing season. I will never understand what is so appealing to watch a bunch of cars drive in circles for hours? I tune it all out for the most part since I don’t understand what they are all saying anyway. I swear that is not English.

The other day, when my husband remembered there are other things in life, he asked me “How do you think car insurance works for those drivers?” Since I am newly employed at Miller Insurance, this question intrigued me. It gave me something to do for the remaining hours the television, living room, and husband would be occupied.

I personally try very hard to avoid situations that could cause certain death or even pain. These very brave men and women risk their lives to drive at speeds excess of 200 mph to feel the rush and entertain the masses. It is undeniable, even without research and statistics, that a racecar driving is dangerous. From an insurance angle, most companies will only cover the car and driver until the moment that car rolls onto the track. So, while the car is in a garage, trailer, or being displayed at a special event, it is covered. While hurtling around that endless circle? No way!

Sharing this information let me have my husband’s attention for just five minutes. I hope that will hold me over until the end of race season. Wait, isn’t that after football season starts?

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